Designate Your Affiliate

Your affiliate designation rolls over from year to year. If you have not designated your affiliate or wish to change your designation this year please download the form, complete it and submit it to NRHA by August 1. Note: You must designate an affiliate if you wish to participate in the regional affiliate finals.

You can check your standings throughout the season on the NRHA website under the Current North American Affiliate Standings page. Select Yellowstone Reining Horse Association from the Affiliates selection list and select the class you want from the Classes list. After Yellowstone Slide III, your standings will be posted here as well.

Why Designate?

NRHA Affiliate Logo
  • Every NRHA member MUST be designated to only ONE affiliate to participate in the Regional Affiliate Finals.
  • Riders with membership in more than one NRHA affiliate must declare the affiliate they plan to represent at the Regional Affiliate Finals whether or not they have shown in more than one affiliate.
  • Designation now allows for the ability to join and support other affiliates and still keep your position in your main affiliate.
  • Designations roll over from year to year.
  • Once designated, your designation stays active from year to year until you notify the NRHA office otherwise.
  • Designate now and don’t worry about the August 1 deadline.
  • If you are currently designated you have until August 1 to make any changes. Please submit a new designation form to make appropriate changes or if you are not currently designated.
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