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March 15, 2010 - Monday -

YRHA Show Rule Changes for 2010


By Chandra Morris

Before the show season gets underway, the Yellowstone Reining Horse Association wants to alert you to some changes to the YRHA Show Rules for this year. These changes will apply to the 2010 Yellowstone Slides I, II and III.

Show rule changes that apply to all riders:

1. The first 2 classes of each day will be drawn by 7 p.m. the night before.
2. Late entries will draw for first or last position in the class on all days of the show.
3. The Ladies and Gentlemens' classes have been combined into one class, called the Ladies and Gentlemens' class. This is a jackpot with a prize awarded to the winner.
4. Entry fees for jackpotted classes have been raised $5.
5. Only one judges' fee will be charged for concurrent classes.

Show rule changes that apply to Green Reiners and Youth riders:

6. Green Reiner point calculations will no longer include the additional .5 point for every horse the rider places above. Green reiner points to graduate remain at 30 total. 
7. Green Reiner pattern Modified 5 has changed. The new modification is as follows: Follow the NRHA Pattern 5 with the exception of Maneuver #5. Do not execute Maneuver #5. Directly following execution of Maneuver #4, execute Maneuver #6: Beginning on the left lead, continue on with the remainder of the stated pattern. (This change eliminates the previous modification of the pattern: a large fast circle to the left, stop in the center, followed by a large fast circle to the right, stop in the center.) A flying lead change is not required for the Green Reiner class and will be considered a zero score if executed.
8. There is no ownership requirement for Two-Handed Youth classes; however, in order for the rider to be eligible for YRHA year end awards, both the rider and the owner of the horse must be members in good standing of the YRHA prior to their entry into the Two-Handed Youth class.

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