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April 18, 2012 - Wednesday -

YRHA 2012 Show Conditions & Guidelines

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Beginning in 2012, the YRHA Green Rookie class is open only to those riders who have earned points in previous years and are still working toward accumulating the necessary 30 points to graduate and earn the Green Rookie belt buckle. Also beginning in 2012, YRHA will be offering two new classes for beginning non pro reiners: NRHA Green Reiner Level 1 and NRHA Green Reiner Level 2.

Eligibility for NRHA Green Reiner classes is based on NRHA earnings and youth points and requires an NRHA Associate Membership (see the NRHA website for complete eligibility rules and guidelines, At all Yellowstone Slides, the YRHA Green Rookie class will be run concurrent with the NRHA Green Reiner Level 1 class and both classes will follow NRHA rules with one exception: YRHA Green Rookies may earn more than 10 points for first place in the concurrent class. The class will use a regular NRHA pattern but the rider has the option to perform a simple or flying lead change and may show one- or two-handed in any legal bit or hackamore. YRHA Green Rookies may not earn money from the class. YRHA keeps track of the Green Rookie points and provides the belt buckles to graduates. YRHA Green Rookies are not eligible for the saddle drawing. When you reach 30 points, you will graduate out of the YRHA Green Rookie class immediately and receive your belt buckle at the YRHA Year-End Awards Banquet. Keep in mind, you must be a current YRHA member to earn Green Rookie points. The number of horses in the class determines the number of points available for each place. No points for zeros or “no scores.” The YRHA Green Rookie class will be discontinued following the 2014 show season.

The Two-Handed Rookie class has been discontinued beginning in 2012. Eligible reiners may wish to enter NRHA Green Reiner Level 1 or 2 (check eligibility requirements on the NRHA website) and/or NRHA Rookie 1, 2 or Prime Time, again depending on eligibility.

NRHA Rookie Classes - NRHA Rookie 1 is a YRHA year-end award class, but not an affiliate qualifying class; if you wish to try to qualify for the regional affiliate finals, enter NRHA Rookie 2. NRHA Prime Time Rookie must also enter NRHA Rookie 1 or NRHA Rookie 2, depending on eligibility.

To ride in any NRHA class, you must be a current member of NRHA. There are special rates for NRHA Green Reiners (a $20 NRHA Associate Membership is required, but no non pro declaration, no horse competition license, and you do not have to own the horse you ride in the class); check the NRHA website for details and membership forms.

Membership in YRHA is not required to enter a YRHA class. However, to qualify for YRHA year-end awards, both rider and horse owner (if different) must be current YRHA members prior to close of entries in the class. Year-end awards are based on cumulative earnings for the season.

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