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March 13, 2014 - Thursday -

New to Reining?


Updated March 2014

NRHA recently introduced the new Green Reiner Level I and II classes to make it easier for new reiners to get involved in the sport and participate in NRHA-approved shows. All it takes is an inexpensive $20 Associate Membership and your participation in a Green Reiner class at a show in your area, and you have an opportunity to win an award jacket and a Montana Silversmiths buckle from NRHA!

In the NRHA's Entry Level Program, you compete with other beginner riders. Your local reining horse clubs (in Montana and Wyoming these include YRHA, MRHA, NRRHA and CSRHA) offer NRHA Green Reiner classes for beginning riders at their shows.

Here’s some information to get you started.

NRHA Green Reiner Class General Rules and Eligibility

Riders can choose to ride with one or two hands and can choose to perform either simple or flying lead changes.

Green Reiner 1 - Open to riders with less than $100 in NRHA earnings excluding Green Reiner classes, less than 25 NRHA Youth Points and less than 50 Green Reiner points

Green Reiner 2 - Open to riders with less than $100 in NRHA earnings excluding Green Reiner classes, less than 25 NRHA Youth Points and less than 100 Green Reiner points

Green Reiner points are awarded based on the number of horses in the class on a sliding scale from 1 to 10 points. The point scale can be found in the NRHA Handbook. After achieving 100 points, the rider is no longer eligible to compete in Green Reiner classes as of the next year. Eligibility is set Jan. 1.


  • How do I find shows in my area? All NRHA approved shows are listed online and in the back of the NRHA Reiner magazine. NRHA Affiliates also are a great contact to find reining opportunities like shows, clinics, award programs and more. You can also find a list of NRHA Affiliates online or by calling 405-946-7400.
  • Who will I be competing against? You will compete against other riders who have the same or similar experience.
  • Can I upgrade from an Associate Membership to an NRHA Membership? Yes. If you have a current Associate Membership, you can pay the $75 difference to become a general NRHA Member. A general NRHA Membership is necessary if you wish to show in NRHA classes (outside of entry level competition) or if you would like your horse to be shown in NRHA classes (outside of entry level competition). If you would like to keep competing in the entry level classes with a full NRHA membership, you must have a Non Pro Membership.

Don't miss out on some great fun and great rewards - Find out more about the NRHA Entry Level – Green Reiner Program now!

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