YRHA Year End Awards and Eligibility Rules

To be eligible for a Year End award, the rider and owner of the horse must be paid-up members of the YRHA prior to the closing of entries of any class in which the horse is entered in order for their results in that class to be counted toward a Year End award.

For all Open classes, horse must compete in the same class in at least fifty percent (50%) of YRHA approved shows. For all classes other than Open classes, the same horse and rider combination must compete in the same class in at least fifty percent (50%) of YRHA approved shows.

Year End awards will be based on the combined earnings of all YRHA approved shows in each class, includes all Youth classes, does not include Green Rookie class. (See Show Rules for more year end award criteria and details.)

Sharon Gelhaus administers the YRHA membership program and Jim Gelhaus computes the Year End and Affiliate standings for YRHA members.

The following class divisions will be awarded Year End Awards:

NRHA classes:

  • Open
  • Intermediate Open
  • Limited Open
  • Non Pro
  • Intermediate Non Pro
  • Limited Non Pro
  • Prime Time Non Pro
  • Masters Non Pro
  • Rookie 1
  • Rookie 2
  • Prime Time Rookie
  • Novice Horse Open 1
  • Novice Horse Open 2
  • Novice Horse Non Pro 1
  • Novice Horse Non Pro 2
  • Freestyle
  • Youth 13 & Under
  • Youth 14-18
  • Short Stirrup
  • Rookie Professional

YRHA classes:

  • Two-Handed Youth 13 & Under
  • Two-Handed Youth 14-18

Class Awards

  1. Awards will be given to 1st and 2nd place in all classes, with the exception of youth classes, in which awards will be given through 10th place, in accordance with NRHA rules.
  2. NRHA class awards will be NRHA plaques or trophies for 1st and prizes for 2nd.
  3. YRHA class awards will be prizes for 1st and 2nd.

It is the owner's/rider's responsibility to come to the office or awards table to receive any awards.

Year End Award Rules

Year end awards will be based on the combined earnings of all YRHA-approved shows in each class, includes all youth classes, excludes Green Rookie class (graduation from Green Rookie class is based on points earned with a buckle awarded at year end for graduation).

  1. Qualified entries are those rides that receive a score. Those rides that receive a score of zero are still counted as a qualified entry. Those entries that are a scratch or are disqualified and therefore receive no score are not qualified entries.
  2. BOTH the rider and the horse owner must be current YRHA members in good standing prior to closing of entries in any class in which the horse is entered.
  3. There is no additional cost to compete for year end awards outside the annual YRHA membership dues.
  4. Earnings towards year end standings will begin to accumulate from the time membership is paid. They are not retroactive to include a YRHA show in which exhibitor participated prior to becoming a YRHA member.
  5. Year end awards prizes shall be awarded to 2nd place in each of the class divisions listed above.
  6. All classes offered for each class division above, at all YRHA-approved shows held during the calendar year, shall be used to calculate year end award standings.
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