Show Arena Schooling Policy

NRHA recognizes that schooling is a necessary part of Reining and is good for the horses and industry when done properly.

To help standardize schooling practices in the industry, the NRHA Board of Directors has developed the following guidelines:

All exhibitors who enter a class with the intention of schooling should immediately zero upon entering the arena as a courtesy to the judges. Legal equipment and attire is required in all NRHA approved classes and is highly recommended for unapproved classes (e.g. men's, ladies, etc'):

  • ln unapproved classes where an equipment judge is not utilized, the chair judge may call a no score for failure to wear legal attire or for any visibly illegal equipment (nosebands, martingales, etc.) but may allow the rider to continue schooling. However, judges should dismiss the rider if he/she deems the equipment is abusive or unsafe.

Exhibitors should be allowed to school as long as they do not exceed the time it would take the average competitor to complete the pattern and represent themselves and NRHA in a positive manner. Judges should excuse a rider if he/she remains in the arena an excessive amount of time.

lf the judge witnesses abuse in the arena he/she should call a no score, dismiss the rider immediately and ensure the NRHA Show Steward/Representative is properly informed and provided details of the incident.

lf at any time, the schooling practices would render NRHA in a negative light, the judge should dismiss the rider immediately.

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