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Yellowstone Reining Horse Association

YRHA is dedicated to promoting the development of reining by encouraging our members to participate in shows, clinics, and other events.

We sponsor several shows during the year as well as other social occasions. Please check out our Events Calendar to learn more.

Interested in joining YRHA? Please visit our Members Page. If you would like to learn more about us, we share news and announcements on our Community Page.

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  • New to Reining?

    New to Reining?

    Updated March 2014

    NRHA recently introduced the new Green Reiner Level I and II classes to make it easier for new reiners to get involved in the sport and participate in NRHA-approved shows. All it takes is an inexpensive $20 Associate Membership and your participation in a Green Reiner class at a show in your area, and you have an opportunity to win an award jacket and a Montana Silversmiths buckle from NRHA!

    In the NRHA's Entry Level Program, you compete with other beginner riders. Your local reining horse clubs (in Montana and Wyoming these include YRHA, MRHA, NRRHA and CSRHA) offer NRHA Green Reiner classes for beginning riders at their shows.

    Here’s some information to get you started.

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