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Yellowstone Reining Horse Association

YRHA is dedicated to promoting the development of reining by encouraging our members to participate in shows, clinics, and other events.

We sponsor several shows during the year as well as other social occasions. Please check out our Events Calendar to learn more.

Interested in joining YRHA? Please visit our Members Page. If you would like to learn more about us, we share news and announcements on our Community Page.

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Upcoming Events

  • YRHA Year End Banquet

    YRHA-MRHA 2014 Joint Year End Banquet

    February 07

    YRHA and MRHA are once again celebrating their year end awards together - and this year, we're also welcoming the NRRHA to our banquet!

    Download the flyer and RSVP below. Please return your RSVP with your meal choices and check by January 26, 2015. Questions, want to help? Call Lanette Frye, 406-855-3173.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Affiliate Program: Everything You Need to Know!

    The Affiliate Program: Everything You Need to Know!

    By Wendy Deans

    Updated March 2009

    Everything you ever need (or want) to know about an affiliate.

    If you’ve never taken part in the regional championships or received a circuit champion or reserve champion pewter or plaque you may not be familiar with what the NRHA affiliate program is all about. So, just what is the purpose of an affiliate circuit?

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